All of IUCN’s Red Listing processes rely on the willingness of scientists to contribute and pool their collective knowledge to make the most reliable estimates of species status. Without their enthusiastic commitment to species conservation, this kind of regional overview would not be possible. Those scientists are the authors of the various chapters in this report, and are the contributors to the species IUCN Red List assessments that have been completed for this project, these are Abban, K.; Akinsola, O.; Amakye, J.S.; Attipoe, F.Y.K.; Awaïss, A.; Bousso, T.; Clotilde-Ba, F.-L.; Cumberlidge, N.; Cuttelod, A.; deGraft-Johnson, K.A.; Dijkstra, K.-D.B.; Diop, F.N.; Entsua-Mensah, M.; Graf, D.; Hilton-Taylor, C.; Kristensen, T.K.; Lalèyè, P.; Mahamane, A.; Mahamane, S.; McIvor, A; Ogbogu, S.S.; Olaosebikan, B.D.; Ouedraogo, L.; Seddon, M.; Snoeks, J.; Stensgaard. A.-S.; Tchibozo, S.

Species distribution maps were digitised using GIS by the IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit, Wetlands International, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Arabie Jaloway and Kayshinee Rye Ramchurn from Kings College London and Joe Wood. The freshwater fishes point data was taken from The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa (Paugy, Leveque and Teugels 2003). All analysis was carried out by the IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit with kind assistance from Vineet Katariya.

The training workshop was kindly hosted by Wetlands International Regional Office for Africa, Dakar, Senegal and their staff Mame Dagou Diop (Projects Officer), Seydina Issa Sylla (Regional Director), Abdoulaye Ndiaye (Deputy Director), Cheikh Hamallah Diagana (Head, Biodiversity Programme); Ellen Dieme-Amting (Ramsar Database Officer). Red List training was provided by Caroline Pollock, William Darwall, Jean-Christophe Vie and Kevin Smith from the IUCN Species Programme. We would also like to thank the regional scientists who attended this workshop: Akinsola, O.; Amadi, A.; Attipoe, F.Y.K.; Avenue, M.G.; Awaiss, A.; Bousso. T.; Clotilde-Ba, F.-L.; Darboe, F.S.; Diop, M.S.; Entsua-Mensah, M.; Fofana, C.; Gueye, M.; Jallow, A.O.; Kane, A.; Kane, O.; Lalèyè, P.; Mahamane, A.; Monney, K.A.; Ogbogu, S.S.; Sa, J.; Sambou, B.; Sarr, K.; and Vieira, J.

The evaluation workshop was kindly hosted by the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (INSTI, CSIR) in Accra (Ghana). It was facilitated by Anna McIvor, Craig Hilton-Taylor, William Darwall, Annabelle Cuttelod and Kevin Smith from the IUCN Species Programme, Mame Dagou Diop and Marie Madeleine Manga from Wetlands International and Déthié Soumaré Ndiaye from the Centre de Suivi Ecologique (Sengal). We would also like thank all the participants who contributed to the workshop: Abban, E.; Akinsola, O.; Amakye, J.S.; Atta, K.A.; Attipoe, F.Y.K.; Awaiss, A.; Clotilde-Ba, F.-L.; Cumberlidge, N.; Dijkstra, K.-D.B.; Diop, F.N.; Entsua-Mensah, M.; Hagemeijer, W.; Kristensen, T.K.; Lalèyè, P.; Mahamane, A.; Monney, K.A.; Ogbogu, S.S.; Olaosebikan, B.; Ouédraogo, L; Seddon, M.; Snoeks, J.; Stensgaard, A.-S.; and Tchibozo, S.

We would like to thank Beth Goldsworthy and the rest of the staff at Cambridge Publishers Ltd for the excellent typesetting and proof reading they provided. We are grateful to Mark Denil who designed the base maps for the species distribution and species richness maps. Nicola Terry very kindly produced the accompanying CD holding all data for the project, and Laurel Bennett and Emma Brooks who helped with data tidying and proof reading. Finally, the administrative staff in WI (Fatou Mbengue Guenoune, Matele and Marie Manga) and IUCN (Maureen Martindell, Catherine Foley and Amy Burden) have worked tirelessly with all project reporting and financial issues.

This project has been carried out with financial support from the European Union under grant Contract: EuropeAid/ENV/2004-81917. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.