Institutional Support

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of numerous partner organizations. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Conservation International (CI) led this effort and provided significant direct support throughout. Both CI and IUCN shared in equipping, housing, and staffing the project during its various phases. 
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Workshop Donors

We conducted 28 workshops; each contingent upon financial support of donors (for a complete list see the "Methods" in the Supplementary online information). We acknowledge these donors, as well as those individuals (in parentheses) who helped facilitate grant acquisition. We also express our utmost gratitude to all of the IUCN/SSC Specialist Groups for mammals, members of which participated in the workshops and were responsible for coordinating assessments for their respective species groups. 
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Conservation Partners

This assessment of the threatened status of the Class Mammalia was made possible not only by funding, but by a network of partnerships between institutions and individuals. A huge debt is owed to a number of staff in the IUCN Species Programme who supported the project over the last five years. We particularly thank Jane Smart, Dena Cator, Julie Griffin, Bryan Hugill, Lynette Lew, Hugo Ruiz Lozano, Claire Santer, and Doreen Zivkovic for both administrative and technical support. Thanks are also due to Susannah O'Hanlon and Leah Collett, as well as IUCN volunteers Philip Martin and James Beresford, who provided much-needed GIS support in the final stages of the project. 
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Contributing Scientists

Extraordinary, voluntary commitment from leading experts is the backbone of IUCN's species assessment process. The assessment of the mammals is no exception, being entirely due to extraordnarily generous contributions of the time and expertise of more than 1,700 mammalogists from over 130 countries, many of them members of IUCN/SSC Specialist Groups. It is impossible to overstate the importance of these dedicated individuals without them the current summary of conservation status for this major class of animals would not have been possible. We have tried to record their information faithfully, and we take full responsibility for errors contained within the assessments. It is our hope that the information will be refined, consolidated and updated over time. We express our gratitude to the following people, asking for forgiveness from anyone whose name has been inadvertently omitted. 
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