The 2009 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species contains assessments for 49,000 species of which spatial data exists for about 25,000 species, including all mammals. Some species listed as Data Deficient are not mapped. These data are made freely available to the public to help inform conservation planning and other decision making processes. Detailed information on the assessment process is available on this website here.

The data are held in shapefiles, the ESRI native format and contain the known range of each species. Ranges are depicted as polygons. DBF files accompanying each polygon contain taxonomic information, and contain information on distribution status, sources and other details about the maps (see metadata document).

The data is available both in ESRI File Geodatabase format and the ESRI Shapefile format and is held in geographical coordinates. Please note that the files are large, and download times could be quite lengthy.

To download the mammals range data that was used for the spatial analysis, please visit the Spatial Data Download page in the Technical Documents section of this website.


Download mammals data here.