Marine biodiversity in the Gulf of Mexico, which is the ninth largest body of water in the world, supports vital ecosystems and a large sector of the region’s economy. It also sustains impact from threats related to overexploitation, coastal development, pollution, invasive species, and oil spills.

Gulf of Mexico Flying Gurnard. Photo credit - Beckmannjan at the German language Wikipedia

We are completing regional Red List extinction risk assessments to improve the understanding of the status of marine species in the Gulf and inform conservation priorities. All 940 marine bony shorefishes known to inhabit the Gulf were assessed during two workshops funded primarily by the U.S. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: January 2014 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA and April 2015 in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Seven Marine Biodiversity Unit (MBU) staff facilitated these workshops that were attended by 30 fish experts from many different institutions across Mexico, Cuba, and the United States.

Workshop - January 2014 Workshop - April 2015

These data are currently under analysis with expected completion within 2016. Please contact the IUCN MBU ( for more information.

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