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Red List Web site may not be displaying or working correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8

25 January 2010
Internet Explorer 8

The Red List Web site may not be displaying or working correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8. This problem does not occur in earlier versions of Internet Explorer, and the Red List Web site continues to be displayed correctly and to work correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 7.

For example, you may experience any of the following symptoms in Internet Explorer 8:

  • Menus, images, or text are in the wrong positions (often on top of each other).
  • Some Web site features do not work.
  • You receive script error messages on the Web site.
  • Internet Explorer stops working or crashes on the Web site.

Solution: Enable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer


To enable Compatibility View for the Red List Web site if it is not displaying correctly or if it is not working correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Red List Web site in Internet Explorer 8.
  2. Click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button.

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    Compatibility View button

    Or, on the Tools menu, click Compatibility View.

    Note If the Compatibility View button does not appear to the right side of the address bar, or if the command is not available on the Tools menu, you cannot use this method. You may be experiencing a different problem, or the network administrator may have used a Group Policy setting to configure the Compatibility View settings on your computer.
    • If you are using a computer in an enterprise environment, contact your administrator or the help desk.
    Compatibility View is not required, and the Compatibility View commands will not be available if the Web site was designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

If this method worked, and the Web site is now displayed correctly and works correctly, you are finished. However, you may have to repeat this method for each Web site that experiences these problems.

Note When you use this method to fix a Web site, Internet Explorer saves your Compatibility View setting for that Web site. Every time that you visit that site, Compatibility View will be used. To stop a Web site from running in Compatibility View, repeat this method by clicking the Compatibility View button again for that Web site. You can also add or remove specific Web sites from Compatibility View without actually visiting each Web site. To do this, click Tools, and then click Compatibility View Settings.

If this method did not work, and the Web site is still not displayed correctly or still is not working, you are experiencing a different problem. See for further information and potential solutions.


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