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Online IUCN Red List Course now in French and Spanish

08 April 2014
Online IUCN Red List training course now available in Spanish and French.

Since the first module was released in June 2013, the online IUCN Red List training course Assessing Species Extinction Risk Using IUCN Red List Methodology has grown to include seven modules, over 20 lessons, and a final course exam. The course now provides around 12 hours of free online training. In addition, French and Spanish versions have now been released making this course available for the first time in all three official IUCN languages and allowing a wider range of users around the world to benefit from this training.

The online IUCN Red List training course is the result of a highly successful collaboration between IUCN and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) with the purpose of bringing free IUCN Red List training to a global community of Red List Assessors and conservation practitioners. The course is hosted on TNC’s ConservationTraining web site alongside an increasing list of free conservation-themed courses.

Within the seven course modules you can learn:

  • What IUCN Red List assessments tell us;
  • The meanings of the terms used in the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria;
  • How to use the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria to assess extinction risk at both global and national levels;
  • The IUCN standards in place for Red List assessment accounts and creating distribution maps for taxa being assessed for The IUCN Red List;
  • Why The IUCN Red List and national red lists are important conservation tools and how they should be used.

In addition translated versions of the course, it also now includes an exam containing 25 questions designed to test your knowledge of the IUCN Red List, the assessment process and your skills in calculating the various parameters used when carrying out Red List assessments. Although primarily intended to be the final exam for the online course, this can also be used as a stand-alone test for experienced red listers to check their knowledge and refresh themselves on topics they may no longer be familiar with.

So, whether you are a novice Red List Assessor, an experienced red lister or you just want to find out more about The IUCN Red List, visit the online IUCN Red List training course where you can learn, test and refresh your IUCN Red List skills.

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