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Support the IUCN Red List Bumblebee Campaign

30 June 2015
Bumblebee. Photo: Pieter van Marion (CC BY-NC 2.0)

For the next thirty days, you will hear a slight buzzing from The IUCN Red List. We have just launched The IUCN Red List bumblebee campaign!

Bumblebees are incredibly important animals. They are vital pollinators of both wild and crop plants. Many economically important plants, such as tomatoes and blueberries, rely on bumblebees to produce fruit. Worryingly, like other bees, many bumblebee species are in decline, largely due to agricultural intensification - leading to habitat loss and increased pesticide use - as well as climate change and introduced pathogens.

More than 200 of the world’s 250 bumblebee species still need to be assessed for The IUCN Red List in order to help prevent their decline.

Help us assess ALL bumblebees and move The IUCN Red List closer to its goal of assessing 160,000 species by 2020. We know this goal is ambitious – help us create a louder buzz. Please support our campaign and spread the word!

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