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World Leaders Dialogue-Saving nature, why bother?

23 September 2012
Saving nature, why bother? What Sir Richard Branson thinks...

Saving nature, why bother? This was the theme of the last World Leaders Dialogue, which closed the Forum, leading into the next segment of the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, the IUCN’s Members Assembly.

  • Are we overestimating the importance of conserving biological diversity?
  • What does biodiversity mean for development?
  • Who is responsible for conserving nature?
  • Can development happen without nature?
  • Can we live without nature?

The Dialogue was moderated by Mr. Rafael MÉNDEZ (Journalist, El País) and the Panelists included:


Sir Richard Branson's talk via video is featured below:




For a video of the full Dialogue involving all the Panelists see:


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