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The battle for survival goes mobile

17 November 2011
Survival – an threatened species game for iOS and Android

UK wildlife charity and IUCN Red List Partner, Wildscreen, has released a new threatened species gaming app to inspire the conservationists of tomorrow. Designed to to spark children's curiosity for the natural world and raise awareness amongst young people about the world’s most threatened animals, ‘Survival’ is packed full of stunning wildlife imagery and fascinating facts about the threatened species.

Did you know, for example, that the blue whale has a heart the size of car? Or that polar bear skin is actually black? These and other intriguing facts await discovery in this immersive, interactive and educational mobile game. Kids (and adults!) can have a whale of a time as they race against the clock to tap, pinch, drag, scroll and swipe their way through a series of mini-games that test four key survival skills: speed, agility, endurance and intelligence, whilst learning about the world’s threatened species.

Wildscreen works to promote a greater public appreciation of the world’s biodiversity and the conservation of nature, through the power of wildlife imagery. Wildscreen’s flagship initiative, ARKive is a unique online collection of the very best films and photographs of the world’s wildlife, providing a stunning audio-visual record of life on Earth, freely accessible to all.

Richard Edwards, Wildscreen Chief Executive, said: “Wildscreen's mission is to use the power of wildlife imagery to inspire us all to appreciate, value and protect our natural world. We are always exploring new and innovative ways of reaching greater audiences, and by launching the Survival gaming app, on both iOS and Android platforms, we're looking to reach the younger generation and inspire the conservationists and environmental stewards of tomorrow.”

By bringing the natural world to young people on the platforms in which they are most comfortable and familiar, Wildscreen hopes to entertain and educate the next generation of conservationists. "What a brilliant idea! It's a fun way to learn about endangered species - though I have to admit I was too slow to beat my eight-year-old goddaughter." Mark Carwardine, Zoologist and wildlife TV presenter.

And the learning doesn’t stop there. Children are encouraged to continue their learning journeys on the ARKive website, which is packed full of over 14,000 multimedia species profiles containing fascinating animal and plant fact files, over 80,000 photos and videos and engaging and fun educational activities and resources for all ages.



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