Photos on the Red List Training Page

<p>HighARCs workshop, India&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (photo &copy; Kevin Smith)</p>

IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit staff presenting at a HighARCs Red List training workshop in Kolkata, India. Photo © Kevin Smith.

<p>Freshwater Biodiversity Unit workshop, Ghana (photo &copy; Kevin Smith)</p>

Evaluation workshop for the IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment Project, Western Africa component in Αccra, Ghana. Photo © Kevin Smith.

<p>National Red List workshop, Turkey (photo &copy; TEMA Foundation)</p>

IUCN Red List Unit staff presenting at a National Red List workshop in Ankara, Turkey. Photo © TEMA Foundation.

<p>RapidList workshop, Tunisia (photo &copy; Annabelle Cuttelod)</p>

Participants at a Tunisian Plant RapidList evaluation workshop in Tunis, Tunisia. Photo © Annabelle Cuttelod.

<p>Freshwater Biodiversity Unit Red List training workshop, India (photo &copy; Rebecca Miller)</p>

Freshwater Biodiversity Unit staff presenting at a Western Ghats Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment Red List Training Workshop in Coimbatore, India. Photo © Rebecca Miller.